Super Bowls in Foreign Lands

On February 3, 2002 I watched the New England Patriots, a team which should not have been there in the first place, win Super Bowl XXXVI. Other than the long list of expletives I spewed out, the thing that made this game special is that I was watching it in Bath, England, and it became the first of many Super Bowls I’ve watched from foreign soil. Thankfully we were able to change the commentary from some Brits to John Madden and Pat Summerall.

The next should have been Super Bowl XXXVIII, but that season was lost to me due to Peace Corps training from October til the end of December, and then the next two months living in Sevastopol with travel restrictions preventing me from going to Kiev to see the big game. I still forget that Carolina was actually in a Super Bowl.

But the following year I took that 19 hour-long train ride from Sevastopol to Kiev and went to the Irish Pub where they were showing the Patriots vs. the Eagles on six screens. Damn Tom Brady pulled one off again.

The following year I went crazy. I decided that I would personally watch every playoff game. This meant that each Friday during the Playoffs I would board a train and travel 19 hours to Kiev, then I would go to the Peace Corps office to sleep during the day on the couch and go out at night to drink and watch football games. After the final game, I would get on another train and head back to Sevastopol, another 19 hours, and get there just in time to teach my first class. It was quite a letdown watching the Steelers and the Seahawks in the final game, but a good time was had with my friend Tripp, and walking home in the snow after the game was a log of fun.

I’ll mention Super Bowl XLIII as well, though I was in the United States. I was actually on a flight back from New York to California and Jet Blue had the game on live. Watching a Super Bowl in that closed environment was a riot. When some play for the Cardinals would happen,  a bunch of us would cheer, and then when something for the Steelers would happy the rest would cheer. As it happens, it was the best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen, other than that Kurt Warner went home without another ring.

That brings us to tonight. Tonight, The Green Bay Packers face off against the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. It’s on at 1:30am here and I’ll be watching it live in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now, I hope that the Steelers don’t continue their streak of winning games while I’m away from home, because the Packers deserve this one damnit!

I can say that I’m looking forward to Formula One season, as I’ll finally be in the right time zone to watch the races!


2 thoughts on “Super Bowls in Foreign Lands

  1. Well, we do have satellite tv, but we didn’t pay for this month in time, so it won’t be turned on until tomorrow. Instead we’ll be going to watch it with the AECOM guys — Ex-Military guys doing the Soldier Training Operations here. It’ll be a bit painful for me though, as I’ve got either a twisted or broken ankle at the moment and don’t exactly like moving around.

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